ZK-X Hinged Knee Brace

For inhibiting lateral and anterior movement

Design suitable for the case in which below-knee slips forward, etc. You may dash and stop suddenly by preventing anterior motion.

$142.00 CAD

Product Information


The Zamst ZK-X Hinged Knee Brace offers extra strong support for those who are in need of ACL, MCL, and LCL support. Whether you're trying to prevent injury or in need of support after a moderate or severe sprain, this knee brace provides the support you need to help you stay focused on your game.


  • Semi-open design offers a superior fit and prevents slipping.
  • Criss-crossed and parallel straps offers effective compression and intense anterior stability for lower leg.
  • External medial and lateral metal hinges offer improved lateral and medial stability, enabling smooth flexion and extension.
  • Adjustment straps on top/front and lower/rear lock the brace into place.
  • Offers extra strong support.
  • Exo-tech offers 3-way ligament support.
  • Fly weight is an advanced material fabrication with lightweight construction.
  • Stabilizes the knee cap while the body is in motion.
  • V-Tech ventilates air flow to keep you cool while in motion.