For inhibiting lateral and anterior movement

Design suitable for the case in which below-knee slips forward, etc. You may dash and stop suddenly by preventing anterior motion.

$118.00 CAD

Product Information


Good fit and anti-slip structure

Open front panel design of below the knee conforms to calf thickness and shape with large individual differences. This product provides individualized fit.


Patella pads compress around the patella.

A semicircular patella pad that gently and precisely compresses the patella enhances the stability of the knee.

Guard unstable movement

We use unique active resin stays (patented in Japan) designed to let you bend and stretch smoothly while it inhibits lateral movement of the knee.

Realizes a comfortable fit

Power double raschel knit fabric with a combination of breathability and proper compression realizes a comfortable and good fit. Also, you may stretch and bend the knee smoothly without an uncomfortable feeling.

Multiple supports for the movements with double strap

The X (cross) strap on the front and bottom of the main body and the parallel strap on the thigh and back of the knee effectively compresses to accommodate the movement of the thigh and lower leg muscles. They also suppress the anterior movement of the lower leg.