AlterG VIA

The AlterG Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ opens new and innovative data-driven physical therapy and training possibilities. Now, you can take your recovery and fitness to the next level.

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The full-featured Via is ideal for rehabilitation applications.

Body Weight Adjustment: 100% down to as little as 20% in 1% increments

Stride Smart Gait Analytics: Included

Live Video Monitoring: Included

AlterG Assistant: Included

Speed: -3 mph to 12 mph

Starting Speed: 0.1 mph

Incline: 0% to 15%

User Weight: 85 lbs to 400 lbs


Premier Anti-Gravity Treadmill for pain-free physical rehab and training.

Uses air to comfortably and precisely unweight to as little as 20% of body weight in 1% increments.

Reduces impact and gravitational forces without compromising natural biomechanics.

Integrates gait analytics and live digital video monitoring for data-driven improvement.